Write a report on nepal earthquake map

View Full Answer Highlights The Government reports thathouses were destroyed and 85, houses partially damaged. Over 30, houses are destroyed in Nuwakot District alone. While search and rescue efforts are winding down, dead body management, identification of missing people and family reunification have become key challenges. Five days into the response, search and rescue teams saved an additional two lives from the rubble.

See Article History Alternative Title: Gorkha earthquake Nepal earthquake ofalso called Gorkha earthquake, severe earthquake that struck near the city of Kathmandu in central Nepal on April 25, About 9, people were killed, many thousands more were injured, and more thanstructures in Kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed.

The earthquake was felt throughout central and eastern Nepal, much of the Ganges River plain in northern Indiaand northwestern Bangladeshas well as in the southern parts of the Plateau of Tibet and western Bhutan.

write a report on nepal earthquake map

Nepal earthquake of Its epicentre was about 21 miles 34 km east-southeast of Lamjung and 48 miles 77 km northwest of Kathmandu, and its focus was 9. Two large aftershockswith magnitudes 6.

On May 12 a magnitude Nepal earthquake of Map of the earthquake that struck Nepal and the surrounding region on April 25, The temblor killed thousands of people, destroyed rural villages, and severely damaged numerous structures within Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu.

Nepal aftershock damageA Nepalese woman examining the debris of a house that crumbled under the shaking of a magnitude Some two weeks earlier, the country had been devastated by a magnitude The earthquake relieved compressional pressure between the Eurasian tectonic plate and the Indian section of the Indo-Australian Plate, which subducts underthrusts the Eurasian Plate.

Subduction in the Himalayas occurs at an average rate of 1. Such tectonic activity adds more than 0.

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The Himalayan region is one of the most seismically active in the world, but large earthquakes have occurred there infrequently. Before the temblor, the most recent large earthquake that is, magnitude 6.

Initial reports of casualties following the early-morning earthquake put the death toll in the hundreds, but, as the day wore on, reports had the total number of fatalities surpassing 1, and nearing 1, by the end of the day.

The deaths of approximately 9, people which included fatalities in nearby parts of India, Chinaand Bangladesh were confirmed, with nearly 16, injured and some 2.

The earthquake produced landslides that devastated rural villages and some of the most densely populated parts of the city of Kathmandu. Inside Kathmandu, bricks and other debris from collapsed and partially collapsed buildings, which included parts of the famous Taleju Temple and the entire nine-story Dharahara Tower, filled the streets.

The earthquake also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that killed at least 19 climbers and stranded hundreds more at Everest Base Camp and at camps higher up the mountain.

Those at the high camps were soon airlifted to Base Camp, and all the climbers either hiked off the mountain or were flown out to other locations. Immediately after the quake, the Nepalese government declared a state of emergency, and soon nearly the entire Nepalese army was assisting in rescue and recovery work.

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Nepal also called on the international community for aid. India, China, and several other countries quickly responded by sending in aid and rescue teams.Clicking the list icon in the top right corner will load the earthquake list.

Clicking the map icon in the top right corner will load the map. Clicking the options icon in the top right corner lets you change which earthquakes are displayed, and many other map .

The April Nepal earthquake Map of the earthquake and aftershocks at 12 May, showing location of major historical earthquakes.

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Single women had very little access to relief, according to a report by the Inter-party Women's Alliance (IPWA). Apr 26,  · A deadly earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday near its capital, Katmandu, and set off avalanches around Mount Everest. By Rajneesh Bhandari .

That isn’t a description of the 25 April Nepal Earthquake, but the one that struck China’s Sichuan Province exactly seven years ago this week at AM on 12 May The earthquake hit scattered communities in a remote part of China that was largely untouched by the country’s economic boom, and killed about , people, injuring.

write a report on nepal earthquake map

1 United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), Nepal Earthquake Situation Report, 27 April 2 UNOCHA, Nepal Earthquake Humanitarian Response Report (April to September ). 3 Government of Nepal, Post Disaster Needs Assessment, July The magnitude earthquake.

Sunday, 18th September Earthquake in Nepal and Sikkim Recently on 18th September, , another earthquake came with a magnitude of Richter.

The epicentre was between the border of Taplejung, eastern Nepal, and the Indian state of Sikkim.

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