Write a manual test script that covers creating a repeating invoice

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Write a manual test script that covers creating a repeating invoice

Not all modules contain all of the Inputs and Outputs listed above. Some modules contain multiples of the above mentioned Inputs and Outputs, i.

Please refer to the appropriate users manual for information regarding a specific module. Internal Variables Only to be used within the script Up to 10 user variables may be used within the script. These variables may be used to hold values, be used as flags, or used in calculations.

These must be single character and lower case i. Internally they can be accessed from any point within the script and are stored as floating point numbers. Floating point numbers may be positive or negative and can have decimal places.

The previous 'command and this command will add three 'temperature values together. State will be 0 or 1 Variables: External Variables External variables may be used to create user-interaction with the script.

They are variables that can be changed or viewed external to the script.


External variables may be used to display a value calculated within the script. They may also be used to input logic or a value into the script a desired temperature for instance.

Some modules have specific external variables that only function as binary on or offand other variables that hold a floating point value. This example will display a value calculated within the script. The external value will display a count of how many inputs are on. We have included some examples below: Please note the spacing is required.

It is useful in a few specific circumstances. The timer counts down by 1 every tenth of a second, or 0. The timers will start counting down as soon as a value is assigned: Please note that the timers do not stop the program.

The program will assign the timers a value and move on to other parts of the script. Extra steps must be taken to hold the script in specific spot while the timer is counting down to 0, or check later when a timer is equal to 0.

A straightforward method of using the timer. Please note the script will only run in the SUB routine until the timer is finished counting down. This method is clean because the program will do nothing while the counter is counting down.

The approach of using SUB routines are useful if the same section of code is used many times. A real-world example for this script would be that an alarm sounds after a door has been open for 10 seconds. The alarm will turn off after the door has been closed.

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A door sensor is connected to input1. This is the same as Example 2 above, but includes a trigger to exit the timer if the input turns off before 10 seconds is up. This will help insure that the alarm will only turn on if the door has been open for 10 seconds.

The timer will restart any time the door closes and is a better setup than the example above. The same example as above: This is a little more complex as it uses a flagging variable instead of a sub routine. The script will continue to run through the entire program loop while the timer is counting down.

This method is beneficial if the script is doing multiple items and cannot stop while a timer is running. This is the best universal type setup and is most often used because it will work well if the script is doing multiple items.

The following script is also designed to turn on a buzzer after a door has been open for 10 seconds. This script will continually run through all of the code, but does not include a flag variable like example 4.

This is a very simple piece of code, very small, and more efficient that the other examples.Database New Features Guide; Oracle Database 12c Release 2 () New Features; 1 Oracle Database 12c Release 2 () New Features.

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write a manual test script that covers creating a repeating invoice

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He imagined that he could ship packages at . It took me a while to figure out how to make my eCATT script, recorded for t-code FB60 (manual invoice entry) work for the case where I wanted it to enter multiple line items.

Functional Test Script Details Financial Products: Oracle Payables Test Details apa - Create an invoice Actions: 1. Create a new invoice 2. Validate the invoice 3. Copy and delete an invoice 4.

Query on the deleted invoice to ensure that it can't be queried Verifications: 1.

Format of Standard Test Cases

Invoice header record is saved when press the Distribution button 2. Activiti development can be done with the IDE of your choice. If you would like to use the Activiti Designer then you need Eclipse Kepler or Luna.

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