The use of literary devices in sir arthur conan doyles writings

Sherlock Holmes[ edit ] Doyle struggled to find a publisher for his work.

The use of literary devices in sir arthur conan doyles writings

There is no shortage of fame associated with the character of Sherlock Holmes and his indispensible sidekick Dr. Despite this fame, most individuals that know the characters in the stories very seldom know the author or his unique style of story presentation. Conan Doyle may never be considered the best author with the most flawless literary elegance complete with the superfluous trimmings that one might see within a Dickens, Twain or Emerson saga.

Despite this, his distinctive method will seek to stand as style unique to its own, as will the originality of the stories and characters. The original canon consists of only four full-length novels, however over fifty short stories provide a wide girth of background to the life and times of Holmes, as well as the literary edifice of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Although the substance, locale and villains may change, the technique remains consistent. The first Sherlock Holmes novels, A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of Four and The Hound of the Baskervilles are three completely different novels from a plot viewpoint although clearly exhibit very distinctive stylistic similarities.

Within each of the novels, as different as they are, the reader can similarly expose themselves to the surroundings as they are portrayed, placing themselves in the milieu.

Watson spares no detail as he recounts the tale, typically in a mysterious manner extracting every bit of foreshadowing that can be transferred to the reader. Each of the novels are told in the first person past tense of Watson, however it is told as if the intention of the message is to create suspense and anticipation.

Watson controls the story firmly by amassing great detail for the reader, seemingly placing them directly in the scene. For example, a descriptor from The Hound of the Baskervilles reads: In a very few hours the brown earth had become ruddy, the brick had changed to granite, and red cows gazed in well-hedged fields where the lush grasses and more luxuriant vegetation spoke of a richer, if a damper, climate.


The Sherlock Holmes novels, while each very different in content and story, do follow virtually the same patterns. Watson in his re-telling of a Holmes adventure describes the historical detail of the period by incorporating it into the story.

Late 19th century London had experienced a massive population increase, a fact that contributed significantly to the culture. Poverty and overpopulation spawned slums and pockets of degenerate people and places.

Conan Doyle included these facets into his writing, particularly in A Study in Scarlet where the main antagonist was a villainous lower class citizen.

Victorian culture, for better or worse, was portrayed within the Holmes stories making it very appealing to the reading classes. Conan Doyle undoubtedly included this detail purposely to increase the popularity of the books.

Other authors of the time, such as Dickens, used the same method to subtlety describe the horrible conditions most people endured. The use of mysterious settings and characterization is a key element in the Holmes stories.

Characters are typically introduced in stages, as Watson peals back the layers of the story the characters are also portrayed in more depth.

Conan Doyle also single handedly created a new genre of writing by developing the formula for the true detective story. With the basis of logic and extreme detail, Conan Doyle changed the mold for storytelling of the genre.Through the Magic Door [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This anthology is a thorough introduction to classic literature for those who have not yet experienced these literary masterworks. For those who have known and loved these works in the pastReviews: 1. I’d say that Doyle’s style of writing, especially in the Challenger novels, is in the mainstream of English 19th century adventure stories.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most enduring creation was Sherlock Holmes, the logical detective who appeared in dozens of stories and four novels by Conan Doyle and who has more recently been.

The use of literary devices in sir arthur conan doyles writings

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle KStJ DL (22 May – 7 July ) was a British writer best known for his detective fiction featuring the character Sherlock metin2sell.comally a physician, in he published A Study in Scarlet, the first of four novels about Holmes and Dr. addition, Doyle wrote over fifty short stories featuring the famous detective. Did Arthur Conan Doyle use Scottish English whilst writing Sherlock Holmes? What are some comparisons between J.K. Rowling's writing style and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's?

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