The swahili coast had advantages over

Enjoying the Ride Every day was the same for Tim Bonner:

The swahili coast had advantages over

Create New And the father prefers his dog, Only Son. When there is a first banana, there is a second banana. But all in all, this is basically the kid who is always getting the short-end of the stick. If the favoritism was particularly vicious, however, up to and including abuse, The Unfavorite becomes a more tragic character — most probably The Woobie.

Sometimes, however, the Unfavorite is almost suspiciously well-adjusted. Unfavorites without a sibling are often unwanted or unexpected children and can even, in perhaps an extreme case, be passed over for the family pet. It is, however, completely possible that the character is interpreting some behavior as favoritism — and the other character also regards himself as the Unfavorite.

Also, another possible situation is that the favorite is indeed aware of the situation, sympathize with the unfavorite, and may even start the "talk with the parents" scene. And Heaven help the poor kid if the favorite child is dead. Possibly having received the status of "favorite" by dying.

The same thing goes if The Unfavorite was a result of Death by Childbirthwhere the family hates the kid for "murdering" their mother. Can easily escalate into Black Sheep or Cain and Abelor in particularly nasty cases, one or both of the parents having a go at offing the unfavorite offspring.

May be rooted in a Death by Childbirth. May cross over with "Well Done, Son!

The swahili coast had advantages over

Which would drive him to later join The Triads and the Tongs. Due to being not his blood-related child, the head of the Ishtar family treated his adoptive son Rishid like a servant rather than his son.

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Jun Manjoume of Yu-Gi-Oh! Although Tetsuya was clearly his favorite, he still showed he cared for Kouji and Shiro.

The swahili coast had advantages over

However, he got Jun completely neglected, treating her like a soldier, not making anything about her feelings of abandoment and her inner tensions, and he seldom shown he cared for her. It went so far that, before dying after his Heroic Sacrificehe pleaded Kouji that he treated Tetsuya like his brother and took care of Shiro Nonetheless, his attitude drove Jun to think she could not be dependent on someone else and to develop a very strong-willed and self-reliant personality, not to mention a Cool Big Sis bond towards Shiro.

Somewhat in the Emma manga. Top this all off with his love affair with the titular Emma, a maid, and you have a recipe for the official Unfavorite of Mr. Averted later on by her adoptive mother Lindy, who loves her just as much as she loves her biological son.

At first, it appears that Sasuke — while being fairly intelligent and very talented — is constantly being neglected in favor of his genius Aloof Big Brother Itachi, whom his father always praises with, "As expected of my child," while Sasuke is only told by their father to "become more like Itachi.

Fugaku soon turns his interest to Sasuke, telling him not to be like Itachi and complains to the rest of the family about his older son. But ultimately, their parents loved them both very much.

When Itachi comes to kill them, both Fugaku and Mikoto are shown to be aware of his massive turmoil, and they tell him that they understand his reasons and decisions, offering no resistance as he tearfully executes them. Gaara, because everyone in his family and his entire city is scared of him, or at least of the demon sealed inside him.

He was conceived only to be a container for the demon and be a living weapon, and his mother died giving birth to him and his father, the Kazekage, hated him because of this.Gary Farber's twisted take on politics, news, science fiction fandom, science, technology, culture, style, history, and everything weird, in one Singularity.

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The Portuguese in Africa in the 19th Century

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Portugal had three major advantages in developing its overseas commerce and empire. There was a clear strategic benefit in being located on the South Atlantic coast of . The crew of an oil tanker perform a piracy drill in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia.

Pirates are deterred from boarding by large volumes of water being poured over the sides of the ship.

Culture of Tanzania - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family