P5 use it to aid

P5 - Use IT to aid communications How IT can be used to aid communication in the project team Word Processing Documents In my project group, word-processed documents are used to report and present information professionally. These documents can also be used to send designs and research to other members in the group.

P5 use it to aid

Companies have a code of practice which ensures that all people within the company use the facilities available to them properly. It defines the uses of the different facilities, for example the use of email and the internet. Use of Email In a company, there is often a code of practice for using emails as using it incorrectly can cause implications for the company.

To stop people from doing this, most companies limit the amount of emails a person can send for private purposes. Use of the Internet Like the use of email, companies have a code of practice for the use of the internet.

This is to stop employees from accessing websites that are inappropriate — such as gambling and pornography websites. Companies enforce this by using filtration software and limiting internet use for personal use.

An example of a breach of the code of practice would be if one of the teams spammed the Cisco email to get a response from the mentor instead of waiting for a reply.


Organisational Policies Organisational policies affect how a company handles information. There are two types of organisation: This means a policy will be developed that only allows the necessary parties to view information; it is managed by admin who can change who can view the information.

Decentralised organisations have parts of the organisation in different geographical locations. This means that file security would be more relaxed when accessing information within one site, but more strict when accessing data from a different site.

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How it may affect the company An organisation policy may affect our company in many ways as we have a hierarchal structure within the company. It can stop the different sub-teams and people lower down in the hierarchy from accessing information without permission, which can be both a positive and negative attribute.

For example, if there is private information that only the program and project managers need to know, then the organisation policy implemented on a need-to-know basis is a good for managing information - if everyone could access the information it could cause more issues within the group.

A negative effect of this type of organisational policy would be that sharing information between the teams would be more difficult.

P5 use it to aid

Organisational policies can also aid information flow in the group. A security management plan can be developed to ensure that information on a network is secure.

How it may affect the company The security of information can affect the company in multiple ways.

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If information within the company is not stored securely, it could be accessed by the other companies and used against the team. An example of this would be where the physical security project manager was away and the rest of the team needed the designs. The project manager posted images of the designs on Facebook where people from the opposing companies could view the designs.The business is currently performing well generating healthy after tax profit for the owners and a positive EVA™, which implies the business is adding value for the shareholders.

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P5 use it to aid

P5: Use IT to aid communication. Word Processing.

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Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing software. It is an easy to use program and is very popular because of the simplicity that is offers. Word can be used to complete large assignments as well as posters and leaflets.

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Students use this form only if they are taking classes at another institution, but would like to receive credit for the classes and financial aid from the University of Idaho. Presentations can be used to communicate with people in the project team when the sub teams are presenting different ideas.

Presentations use short bullet points alongside images to make communication easier to take in and more interesting.

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