Medical physics research articles

If no contaminants are present, little or no interruption of feeding may be necessary. The trick is to give enough dose to kill the unhealthy tissues while not giving too much to normal, healthy tissues. This is accomplished in a number of ways. With external radiation, many techniques are used to focus the radiation dose in the area of interest and give lower doses to normal tissues.

Medical physics research articles

Stem cell migration Ford et al. The program uses patient data anonymous to protect privacy on anatomy, radiation dose distributions, toxicity, and outcome to improve therapy for those about to be treated.

This research aims to solve a problem that has existed in radiation research for years, which is that, as clinical trials are completed, technology has evolved to the point that the original research question becomes irrelevant.

With Oncospace, which was developed by Johns Hopkins researcher Todd McNutt, PhDan analytical database pulls together radiation therapy data in a complex computerized system.

That database enables users to analyze outcomes to figure out which worked best and which did not, providing clinicians with information that enables them to create optimal treatment plans. The system finds the set of critical organs from all patients in the system.

This method provides upfront information on how good of a radiation dose distribution can be achieved as well as any potential toxicity risks to the patient.

The information is then used to automate and ensure quality in radiation treatment planning.

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Oncospace is currently being tested in treatments for head and neck and pancreatic cancers. Early evidence shows that it considerably improves treatment plan quality and helps clinicians to spare critical organs.

The program is being expanded to thoracic and other cancers.

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Robotics The goal of robotic research taking place at Johns Hopkins now is to help clinicians place imaging and other equipment precisely and to be able to reproduce that placement time after time.

The basis of the program is multiple modality guidance. For example, with a CT scan, a radiation therapist can see the structure around the prostate but not the actual prostate or bladder.

The current research uses robotics to place the probe, a placement that can be precisely reproduced for future treatments. Then the patient can be treated around the probe, sparing the healthy organ while treating the tumor. Quality Other research programs at Hopkins are examining quality: An imaging guidance study is using patient data to answer how often imaging should be done in the course of radiation treatment.

Medical physics research articles

Or some other length of time? A safety margin study aims to define an institution-specific safety margin which provides a border between the tumor being treated and the healthy tissue around it.

Radiation professionals have traditionally learned safety margins from their teachers and supervisors.

Doses from Medical Radiation Sources

This research program is analyzing data to establish margins for each technique. Because practice standards and equipment vary by institution, the margins will be established for Johns Hopkins only. Once the research is disseminated, other institutions can use the findings to create their own margin baselines.Medical Journals Share this page Medical Sciences is a generic term that represents the study and application of concepts of multiple branches of science viz.

physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and other related branches of biomedical sciences.

Springer is well-known for its Mathematical, Condensed Matter, Classical as well as Applied Physics portfolio, and also publishes the latest research in interdisciplinary areas such as .

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Medical physics research articles

Jobs, companies, people, and articles for LinkedIn’s Medical Physicist - San Antonio members Medical Physics Research Assistant at Research . Medical physics, says John Wong, PhD, director of the department’s Division of Medical Physics, is the “guardian of technology in radiation oncology.

Medical physicists make sure that the equipment is correctly used and optimize the treatment approach. The Medical Physics Program at UVic is accredited through the Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) and is jointly offered through the University of Victoria's Department of Physics and Astronomy and the British Columbia Cancer Agency - Vancouver Island Centre. - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The program also offers a CAMPEP accredited. Scitation is home to the most influential news, comment, analysis and research in the Physical Sciences. analysis and research in the Physical Sciences. search. Trending Articles. Jun 30 A more fundamental International System of Units.

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