Image editing services in bangalore tv

Today, the External Services Division of All India Radio broadcasts daily in fifty seven transmissions with almost seventy two hours covering over countries in 27 languages, out of which fifteen are foreign and twelve Indian.

Image editing services in bangalore tv

Most people have thousands of pictures in different formats paper prints, slides, negatives. Scanning them enables you to: DPI stands for "dots per inch", and is a common, if misleading, technical term in scanning.

DPI tells you the number of pixels per linear inch that a scanner will produce in your scan file. The higher the dpi, the larger your scan will be in terms of both pixels and megabytes. We feel scanning at high resolution is important, since you can't be sure what uses you will have for the scan in the future.

So generally, what's needed is a scan that has resolution that is high enough to allow you to do enlargements, printing, and cropping from the scan file.

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On the other hand, it's possible to scan with too much resolution too--some very detailed scans can actually pick up and magnify the grain of the paper if a print or the film itself if a negative or slide.

So we feel that our standard resolution of 10MP for 35mm slides and negatives, and dpi for paper photos, strikes the right balance. ScanCafe is the only professional scanning service that is designed for simplicity and ease of use. You ONLY pay our low price for the high resolution scans of the images you choose.

No other image scanning service offers such flexibility at such a low all-inclusive cost. Are negative scans cheaper and better quality than scans from paper photos?

If you have negatives for most of your photo collection, scanning negatives is a better option because: Currently, there is no handling surcharge for albums. You can send the photos in albums as it is. Our technicians will remove the photos in a sequence, scan and replace back in the same sequence.

If they were unable to remove photos for any reason, we will contact you prior scanning; to discuss your recommendations. My slides are housed in carousels, magazines or protective slide display pages, what should I send? We recommend that you remove slides from carousels which have significant cost in shipping.

If you have slides in magazines or slide display pages, you may ship them in that manner with no surcharge.

Alternately you can package your slides in aluminum foil boxes. This will be much cheaper for shipping. Regardless of how you ship them, please insure to secure them tightly with rubber bands or wrap them in saran wrap to prevent the images from shifting around during shipping.

Slides, negatives and prints are very durable and don't require excess protection while shipping - but you should put them in Ziploc bags to protect from any inadvertent spills on the delivery truck.Established in , ePlanet Capital pioneered the development of a truly global venture and growth capital business model.

We only offer high quality scans (dpi for paper photos, dpi for negatives and slides) and offer one low price for each of these. Our service is designed to provide you with only high quality scans because you want to spend your money on scanning only once.

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image editing services in bangalore tv

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image editing services in bangalore tv

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