How to write a space adventure story

Ramscoops With the exception of ion engines, all of these are mere drawing-board designs at present, and all of them have practical problems. Controlled nuclear fusion has never been accomplished, at least not in a way that produces more energy than it consumes. Ramscoops rely not only on the controlled nuclear fusion of light hydrogen which is even trickier than the controlled nuclear fusion of heavy hydrogenbut also on the ability to collect the extremely rarefied interstellar gas without inducing significant drag, which might not even be possible. But even if controlled nuclear fusion does become a reality allowing what Robert A.

How to write a space adventure story

A private corporation makes a settlement on a tiny planet. They drill for ore, and use the ore to make steel panels that they use to expand the size of the planet. They turn the planet inside-out, changing it from a natural world to an artificial world.

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Humans settle on a planet and build a civilization. Thousands of years later, the planet begins to leave its orbit and travel to another solar system.

how to write a space adventure story

Humans discover that the planet is artificial, and the most dangerous weapon in the universe. A group of college students discovers that the earth is hollow, and the inside is a colossal nightclub. Astronauts exploring distant space encounter an artificial planet.

It is entirely made of glass, like one colossal marble. Colonists looking for a new, earth-like planet stumble upon an artificial world, and it looks suspiciously like a colossal computer After earth is unable to find a nearby earth-like planet for new colonies, the Space Exploration Corporation decides to build one of their own.

They build the planet with a world-wide security system to watch all of the colonists twenty-four hours a day. The Space Exploration Corporation invites humans to come to its new, artificial planet where everything is free.

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After a few years, the colonists start to notice people vanishing, which the SEC blames on alien abductions. But one colonist discovers that the planet is hollow, and the missing colonists have fallen through trap doors and landed inside.

Astronauts encounter an artificial, alien planet. The artificial planet captures spaceships and strips them for parts, adding the parts to itself and growing larger. Astronauts discover a bizarre alien world. The planet appears to be made of black plastic.

One hemisphere is covered in a colossal number eight. A global corporation constructs an artificial planet that is like earth, but without any natural disasters, pollution, or other common earth problems.

The governments of earth are soon faced with a difficult problem: A group of scientists travels out to investigate, and discovers the cause: Variation — Earth colonizes a new planet, but the government keeps a dark secret:The story of earth’s first space station to be recognized as an independent nation After the solar system is colonized by earth, there are a number of space stations around every world.

One of those space stations is Dirty Joe’s, an illegal casino and strip club. Renegade Star: An Intergalactic Space Opera Adventure - Kindle edition by JN Chaney.

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Write a story in which their unique genetic structure has been preserved by the thousands-of-years-ago creation of nanobots. More Sci-Fi Story Ideas Take this set of fascinating facts from Chinese history and write a story about the “fortune-teller” (translation: con-artist who knows science) who invented the compass before selling it .

An Adventure in Space I was part of a crew that was sent on a mission into outer space. The mission was carried out successfully and I was on my way back to .

How to define your rules for following the conventions of SF writing. How Space Adventure world building depends on character and story. Just as in Space Opera there are key decisions to take about your story world – but whereas in Space Opera, you can think about them in isolation, in Space Adventure it’s essential to know what .

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