Giao an lop 10 unit 12 writing a letter

Do you like listening to music? Do you like playing football?

Giao an lop 10 unit 12 writing a letter

Writing I am writing to complain about the poor quality of service at your centre. Everything seems to be worse than what you say in the advertisement. First of all, you say that there are only native teachers, but my class has one Vietnamese teacher and two native teachers.

You also say that each class has no more than 20 students but there are over 30 students in my class. Furthermore, in the advertisement, you say we can have books and cassette tapes free of charge but in fact we had to pay for them.

To make the matter worse, the class is not air- conditioned. That is quite different from the advertisement. Finally, what I do not like most about your centre is the time.

Classes not only start late but also finish early. To resolve the problem, I require you to give me a refund. Enclosed is a copy of the receipt. Teaching writing Objectives ; By the end of the lesson, pupils are able to read and understand or write a letter of complaint about the poor quality of the service.

Development for Writing skill and three integrated skills: Speaking, Reading and Listening Grammar points: Present tenses and comparison. Group these adjectives into correct columns 1. When do you have compliments or make complaints? Teaching vocabulary worse a: A native teacher comes from England.

Choose a suitable answer for each question of " Task 1 ".

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Sometimes it starts 20 minutes late. There is only one ceiling fan in my classroom. It is very hot. Why you write the letter. What you want to complaint. What you want them to do.

I look forward to hearing from you and to getting a quick resolution of this problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at: Write sentences from the cues provided: If you like, we will give you a refund but you will only get 80 per cent of your money back.


Write a reply letter from the sentences.Unit 1 Writing Task 1 Work in groups. What rules do you have in your family? Discuss these topics and add others. Home / Tiếng Anh lớp 12 / Unit 1: Writing Home life. Unit 1: Writing Home life.

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giao an lop 10 unit 12 writing a letter

Use the ideas you have discussed above to write a letter to a pen pal about your family rules. Begin as. Writing - Unit 10 trang SGK Tiếng Anh Task 1: Write out the sentences by matching the first half in A with the most suitable half in B.

Unit 1: A visit from a Pen pal - Lesson 3: Write a letter to your family Unit 1: Day la Bai giang dien tu danh cho thay co day Tieng Anh lop 9 - Thay co co the xem no truc thay co cung co the tai nove lam tai lieu cho rieng minh.

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WHILE- WRITING TASK 2 - T lets ss read quickly taks 2 - T explains some new words if necessary - T asks some other groups to write a letter using some cues below - T introduces the. writing unit 10 lop 11 thu vien giao an. bài 10 writing lop 11 - Thư viện Bài giảng điện tử 5 Tháng Giêng Mạng xã hội của cộng đồng giáo viên Việt Nam, nơi giao lưu kiến thức và chia.

Unit 13 lớp 11 Writing - Bài viết Hobbies Lý thuyết 15 Trắc nghiệm 3 FAQ Bài học Unit 13 Hobbies phần Writing hướng dẫn các em cách viết về bộ sưu tập như một sở thích trong thời gian rảnh rỗi của mình.

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