Executive summary and table of contents

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Executive summary and table of contents


Through a variety of efforts Pennsylvania has created an infrastructure intended to support the adoption, implementation, and success of select evidence-based programs where they are needed.

Inwith funding from PCCD and the Office of Children, Youth, and Families OCYFthe Penn State EPISCenter was established, with the primary goal of advancing high quality implementation, impact assessment, and sustainability of a menu of evidence-based programs identified by the Resource Center, in order to maximize the positive impact for youth, families, and communities.

While Pennsylvania has seen a strong return on its investment in EBIs, providers report immediate threats to sustainability that are resulting in significant financial losses for many programs.

If left unaddressed, the inevitable result will be program closures and fewer evidence-based options for serving high-risk Pennsylvania youth. These challenges are interrelated in complex ways and would be most effectively addressed through collaboration between state leaders, counties, and providers to identify creative and systemic solutions.

Executive Summary

Policies and regulations that provide a comprehensive approach to supporting the sustainability of EBIs statewide are needed.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ES.1 OVERVIEW OF PRELIMINARY ACTIVITIES Section (o)(3)(B) of Title 42 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) requires the U.S.

Hewlett Packard - 6 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper provides a comprehensive financial analysis of Hewlett-Packard, a leading U.S. computer & peripheral manufacturing corporation. PREFACE The past two decades have seen a growth in population, increased urban sprawl, vehicle ownership, traffic volume and economy far greater than what.

Apr 17,  · One of the most common features of professional documents is the table of contents (TOC). Microsoft Word makes the creation of a TOC easier by allowing you the option of creating a TOC without using styles and by allowing you to mark a single word or group of words in a particular body of text and add that information to the TOC.

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Email Statistics Report, – Executive Summary Copyright @ February The Radicati Group, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 2 METHODOLOGY. A business plan's Executive Summary should be the first thing in the business plan, after the Table of Contents (although some writers of business plans place the Executive Summary before the Table of .

Executive summary and table of contents
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