Dissertations on distance learning1990 onwards

The Influence of Strengths-Based Development on Leadership Practices Among Undergraduate College Students Alina Black Lehnert March This study explored the influence of strengths-based development on leadership practices among undergraduate college students while controlling for gender, years of leadership experience, and number of completed leadership courses using a quasi-experimental approach with a randomized control—group pretest—posttest research design. The independent variable was strengths-based development. Participants in the study group completed six online strengths-based development learning modules while participants in the control group completed traditional leadership development learning modules.

Dissertations on distance learning1990 onwards

Dissertations at a Distance: Themes in the findings specific to the online mentoring of dissertations that were uncovered are discussed in the context of prior research on best practices for dissertation supervision.

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This is especially the case in the dissertation stage of a doctoral program where supervisors guide doctoral students in defining their research topics, managing and implementing research, and disseminating findings Burnett, This research explored how a supervisor-student mentoring relationship can be successfully created and how doctoral students can be successfully supported in an online environment.

Given the increase in online graduate programs in the United States in the last few years, online mentoring of graduate students is on the rise. Mentoring at a distance Dissertations on distance learning1990 onwards online communication technologies is also often the case with professional programs where graduate students work full-time and pursue a doctoral degree.

When considering doctoral education in online contexts, it is increasingly important to identify the strategies used by graduate supervisors or mentors to guide doctoral students toward degree completion.

This research focused on the lived online dissertation mentoring experiences of nine graduate students who recently graduated from an online doctoral program. Strategies used by the online mentors as well as the students, especially those that were perceived by the students as valuable to dissertation completion are presented in this paper.

The results are useful to all faculty engaged in doctoral education as well as all students who use online communication tools to work with their graduate supervisors or mentors during the dissertation stage of their doctoral studies. Models of mentoring in higher education coalesce around educational development, professional development, and psychosocial development.

Professional development refers to the provision of structured, institution-specific and general advice on the nuances of the discipline and behavior expected in the academy; opportunities to develop professionally; and access to resources for research and professional development.

Research on online mentoring remains scant in higher education, particularly in the context of academic mentoring relationships among faculty and doctoral students.

After an extensive review of the mentoring literature, Schichtel identified seven competencies required for positive e-mentoring experiences: Online developmental competence, to facilitate online learning in the context of educational development, professional development, and psychosocial development.

Dissertations on distance learning1990 onwards

Social competence, to a facilitate social presence and community in the on-line environment, and b overcome challenges related to distance, time and lack of social signals.

Cognitive competence, to foster an intellectual environment of critical analysis and reflective practice. Teaching competence to facilitate reflective learning and educational and professional development.

Communication competence to decrease distance online by choosing and communicating in various formats and media. Managerial competence to set and meet expectations related to the administration and organization of activities. Online technical competence to use relevant virtual environments to mentor.

This study explored e-mentoring strategies utilized in an online doctoral program in order to further develop e-mentoring best practices. Qualitative data was used to identify and evaluate the strategies used by a faculty that were perceived as valuable by graduate students and, b graduate students to successfully work with their faculty mentors to complete their dissertations from a distance.

Theoretical Framework This study was guided by a phenomenological framework that focused on capturing the lived experiences of the participants van Manen, In this case, the lived experiences focused on the students working on a doctoral dissertation from a distance and the strategies that emerged from that experience.Concannon Programme of International Law.

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Dissertations on distance learning1990 onwards

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