A comparison of the communism in cuba and democracy in america

These revolutionaries recall Cuba as "the brothel of the Western hemisphere" -- an island inhabited by a people degraded and hungry, whose main occupation was to cater to American tourists at Havana's luxurious hotels, beaches and casinos. Rather, Cuba was one of the most advanced and successful countries in Latin America.

A comparison of the communism in cuba and democracy in america

Home The End of an Era: When President Mauricio Funes took office in June, he immediately restored diplomatic ties with the island. The reengagement marks the beginning of the end for the hemispheric Cold War alliances constructed by Washington.

But another historical milestone had taken place just two days earlier. The move marks the end of an era. With the Central American country's reengagement, the hemispheric Cold War alliances first constructed by Washington in the early s to contain the Cuban-inspired revolutionary have finally come undone.

The s had brought an abrupt end to a period of promise. In the s, the hemisphere was still flooded with idealism over post-war democratic openings. Revolutionary movements for social democracy emerged in Central America and the Caribbean — that is, in plantation America — which had largely missed the nationalist push for development and industrialization that took place elsewhere in Latin America in the preceding decades.

The election of the social reformer Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala in and the rise of the Cuban revolutionary movement in were among the more forceful bids for modernization.

But by then, the U. Also fueling Washington's ensuing interventions was the perceived threat posed by reformers to U.

A comparison of the communism in cuba and democracy in america

Counter-revolutions backed by Washington in Guatemala in and in Cuba in had vastly different outcomes, pushing Cuba toward Soviet-sponsored socialism and Guatemala toward decades of civil war.

But together, these interventions established the dynamics of the Cold War in the region for the next 50 years. El Salvador, which shares a border with Guatemala, soon felt the tremors of political change.

The military putsch effectively eliminated the political center and established the foreground for the civil war that devastated the country from to Cold War politics, which basically created a counter-insurgent state.

Yet it also called for negotiated settlements, to no avail. Convinced that the Central American conflicts were fanned by Soviet and Cuban incursions, Ronald Reagan and his allies waged a punishing counter-insurgent campaign in the region. By the time of the peace accords, the war in El Salvador had claimed some 70, lives.

Throughout the s, the U. The alliance between U. Republicans and militant anti-Castro exiles in Florida that had been solidified during the Reagan administration bore fruit with representatives who helped swing congressional and public opinion against the liberalization of relations with Cuba after the fall of the USSR.

After decades of civil war and right-wing rule, the left gained power in one of the countries perhaps most punished by the ravages of the Cold War.

It remains unclear what the immediate repercussions of resumed bilateral relations with Cuba will be. Just as Washington's diplomatic stonewalling of Cuba has not prevented elements of the U.

For example, the Salvadoran airline TACA provides international service to Cuba and even internal flights within the island.

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Additionally, some Salvadoran elites have traveled to Cuba for tourism or medical treatment since the Cuban government began promoting those sectors in the s.Nov 14,  · Best Answer: Get rich quick schemes in the capitalist business world, (buyouts, IPOs, conglomerates, acquisitions, mergers, and the stock market), do not actually work.

Remaining solvent does not actually exist within false economics capitalism. Profit existing in the capitalist business world, or millionaires existing within capitalism, is pathological deception committed by the 21 Status: Resolved. If Cuba establishes democracy – while maintaining the grand achievements of the revolution – it could become a beacon for those who desire an alternative once again.

The two different ideologies between, Capitalism and Communism, were main causes of the Cold War. The USSR (Soviets) supported Communism.

A communist economy is controlled by the government. Communism and Democracy are two political ideologies or philosophies that dictate how political systems should be managed.

Both systems are considered to be 'left-wing' on the political spectrum and more liberal in nature than some other political ideological alternatives (i.e.

fascist or conservative ideologies). Oct 28,  · The word "socialist" has been widely used by people of very different political persuasions. In its most basic and most broadly understood form, the term denotes a political and economic system in.

Communism versus Democracy comparison chart; Communism Democracy; Philosophy: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Free-access to the articles of consumption is made possible by advances .

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